Selecting Achievers: Hire Smart to Build a Great Company

The seminar was very effective at helping leaders understand their key role in driving and owning the selection process. I would strongly recommend that leadership teams attend together especially if selection has not been a corporate priority in the past. Dr. Bell does an excellent job of positioning selection as a top priority both in and outside of work!


Hire Smart to Build a Great Company

Selecting great people is one of the top five actions you must take as a leader to produce great results for yourself and your organization.

Our Selecting Achievers seminar outlines an advanced system to select the best people for the job and to launch their careers successfully within your organization. Learn how to hire Achievers who match your company’s needs and who will excel in accomplishing your goals.

You will learn how to:

  • Implement key techniques to select Achievers and ensure their success.
  • Identify the critical elements of the job and the skills needed to execute them.
  • Measure the match between a candidate and your company culture, as well as their leadership skills and potential for growth.
  • Determine candidates’ technical skills, commitment ability, and personal/leadership strengths.
  • Learn when and how to promote, demote, and deselect.

You will gain:

  • Achiever selection strategies to make the best decisions for selections, promotions, demotions, job reconfigurations, and de-selection.
  • Interviewing techniques to measure a candidate’s Core Competencies and Extreme Personality Patterns.
  • Ideas for a take-home selection plan to use in your company.