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Every organization has its own unique set of goals, objectives and challenges. Our Bell Leaders will help guide individuals and organizations to ensure they create the leadership learning plan that will best meet their needs.

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You can build a good company without a mission, but you will never be a great company. Furthermore, if you are a company without a mission, you don’t want to run into a company on a mission. Thanks to Dr. Bell’s timeless leadership principals, CAPTRUST is a company on a mission!”

J. Fielding Miller
CIMA, CEO, Managing Partner
CAPTRUST Financial Advisors

Custom Designed Programs to Build Your Organization’s Leadership Skills

We partner with organizations to design in person and virtual programs tailored to your unique goals and needs. All of our custom programs incorporate elements of live facilitation, interactive discussions and practical, take-home actions proven to improve organizational performance and are delivered by world-class Bell Trainers and facilitators.


Live Learning Series for Teams to Learn, Develop and Grow Together

Tailored to meet the needs of your group, our Custom Leadership Roundtables are live learning sessions where your leaders and teams can engage, acquire skills, develop strategies, and grow together. Whether in-person or virtually, this is an excellent way to bring your team together consistently, build relationships, improve communications, and develop your leaders. Led by a Bell trainer, your group will focus on the specific topics and issues your team is facing to gain a common understanding, operate cohesively and lead your organization more effectively. 


Relevant and Targeted Topics Delivered by World-Class Speakers

Invite a Bell Leader to anchor your next conference or company meeting, and we will work with you to thoroughly understand your audience and create a dynamic and timely presentation delivered by an experienced speaker who knows how to meaningfully engage and make a lasting impact.


Personalized Leadership Guidance and Support

We offer a comprehensive suite of one-to-one and group coaching options for you and your teams. Leadership guidance and support is available for all leadership levels. Our coaching focuses on results and is designed to address your unique strengths, skills to develop and business challenges.


Train Your Trainers So You Can Build an Achiever Culture From Within

We have been successfully training trainers through our Licensed Programs since 2005, enabling organizations to bring many of the Bell Leadership Mastery Series courses to employees at all levels to quickly and efficiently build an Achievers culture from within.


Focused Facilitation to Gain Clarity, Consensus and Commitment

Our experienced Bell trainers help you design a roadmap for future success by guiding your leadership team through a strategic planning process that is rapid and efficient, while also deep and detailed, establishing clarity and a commitment to the actual work to be done.


Innovative Business Solutions Developed by Your Own People

We train and guide your people to utilize our one-of-a-kind, multi-step process that motivates individuals, teams and leaders at all levels of the business to identify opportunities and challenges and develop innovative solutions in alignment with your mission and goals.


Gain Insight and Measure Your Success

Our unique survey and assessment tools, based on 50 years of research, experience and application, allow you to confidentially solicit valuable feedback from associates that provides personal and practical insights on how to improve at both the individual and organizational level.



Our methodology incorporates best practices of how adults learn and retain knowledge. Utilizing assessments and personality profiles based on more than 50 years of research, our proven algorithms drive meaningful results