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Leaders often refer to their experience at a Bell Leadership seminar as both personally and professionally “life changing.” Whether you choose to participate in a seminar individually or with members of your team, our programs are a highly-personalized experience that provide you an opportunity to disconnect from your busy day to day and engage deeply as you build your skills. Our Bell Leaders provide in the moment coaching and support and are a valuable differentiator to our participants’ experience.

Each seminar offers fresh insights, skills and practices that will contribute to building your leadership mastery.

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“The staff is truly phenominal. Genuine people that bleed the mission statement. My deepest gratitude.”

Chuck Hannah
Business Unit Director Plastics, Herrmann Ultrasonics

Become a Great Leader - Build Yourself First

In this seminar, you will gain a deep understanding of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and your motivations. You will learn to lead like the best in a way that is congruent with who you are. Your experience and action steps will be uniquely customized based on your Bell Personality Profile (360 survey) results. 


Lead Like an Achiever - Build Your Influence

In Achievers you started to build yourself. This seminar takes you further by expanding upon the essential skills and behaviors required to achieve great results through working with and leading others. You will learn how to manage the most challenging situations and how to work with, influence, lead, establish relationships and learn from the different personality types you interact with daily.

Note: Completion of Achievers is a pre-requisite.


Master the 7 Skills of Effective Communication

You will see a significant improvement in your communication skills by the end of this program. It starts with the Bell Advanced Communication Survey, a confidential 360-degree assessment that will be completed in advance. Your results will be provided during the program where you will identify your most and least effective communication skills and specific action steps to take for improvement.


Work Smart, Live Smart

The higher you advance as a leader, the more complicated it becomes to manage your tasks and time efficiently. This seminar draws on decades of research on how and why highly effective individuals set goals, plan their days, prioritize their time and organize their lives. At the completion of the program, you will have a plan to increase your personal productivity while leading a healthier, happier life.


Maximize Your Impact as a Leader

Leaders must think and act strategically, yet the tasks of running an organization often overrun their pursuit of long-term goals and success. This seminar provides you with a powerful framework of integrated practices for leading rather than managing. You will assess your impact as a leader and your effectiveness in the “Ten Roles of a Leader” with your personal results from the Leader’s Job survey (360-degree assessment).


Build Resilience and Lead Successful Change

The best leaders inspire their teams by leading to and through change, constantly. They engage employees in developing new approaches, adopting innovative solutions, increasing alignment and boosting productivity. In this seminar, you will learn the methods to understand, address and effectively lead change to increase the efficacy and adoption in your organization.


Hire Smart to Build a Great Company

Having the right people in the right positions both for new hires and existing employees is essential for organizational success. Selecting Achievers offers proven techniques and concepts to evaluate candidates, select Achievers and ensure their success in your organization. Learn the skills to screen effectively, assess the match between candidates and the job, and practice these new interviewing skills in a live case scenario.


Create Effective Teamwork Among Your People

Leading successful teams requires intention, insight and a deep commitment to the success of the group. In this seminar, you will find out how you personally impact teamwork on each of your teams, learn methods for promoting alignment and collaboration and apply the skills required to create engagement among team members so they work “hard, smart and together.”


Lead Your Family Toward Successful Lives

Leading a family is one of the most challenging jobs you can have. You will learn specific techniques to instill a healthy work ethic, create open communication and build a sense of self-respect. This seminar provides you with advanced tools to use your leadership, experience and wealth to lead your family successfully.


A Masterclass in Leadership for Senior Executives

This unique and exclusive program is specifically designed to assist CEOs, presidents, and senior officers in building their peer network and further developing their leadership skills. This full year program focuses on the most important responsibilities of a leader and helps members share ideas, questions and perspectives in a confidential setting with peers who understand the weight of their daily responsibilities. Executives learn concepts they can use immediately to build long-lasting structures to truly lead their companies, not simply manage them.



The 8 essential building blocks of Leadership Mastery.
It starts with building yourself.

Are you looking to solve a specific Leadership Development challenge?

We have the leadership solution that will meet your needs and deliver immediate results.


Bring your team together for a leadership program custom-designed for your team based on your needs in the location of your choosing.


You and your team will join participants from various companies to connect and learn leadership concepts together live in-person or online.


License our leadership training and your internal training team can quickly deliver our proven programs and concepts within your organization.

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Our seminars are offered locally in the heart of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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Our trainers lead a program on-site at your office, at an offsite location of your choosing or virtually.

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Build the Achiever culture from within by training members of your organization as facilitators.