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Master the 7 Skills of Effective Communication

When people describe the characteristics of the best leaders they know, exceptional communication skills are inevitably at the top of the list. Our five decades of research supports this experience—a leader’s ability to positively and effectively influence people is built on a foundation of excellent communication skills.

Advanced Communication harnesses significant insights into human nature and behavior to provide strategies for building mastery-level communication skills for leadership and organizational success. As a participant, you will build your ability to gain commitment, drive results, implement change and help your organization grow into a world-class institution by learning how to most effectively communicate with others.

This program delivers profound, practical concepts and skills that you can implement immediately to build communication expertise and enhance your impact, both professionally and personally.

“The communication material was excellent… …Now have some tools to greatly improve. This should and will make me a better communicator and leader.”

Brandon Baronner

Corporate Health & Safety Manager, Heritage Environment

Advanced Communication Program Overview

  • Listen more effectively to understand what others are trying to tell you.
  • Deliver your ideas clearly and more powerfully to ignite action.
  • Confront conflict more confidently and effectively to achieve successful resolution.
  • Become open and non-defensive to feedback, suggestions and criticism.
  • Master non-verbal communication to ensure your messages are conveyed as intended.
  • Strengthen your presentation skills to deliver your content more successfully.
  • Understand how humor can be used effectively to build positive relationships.

This highly-participatory, professional development program imparts participants with practical, take-home value, after each day of the program.

Prepare:  Through the Advanced Communication Survey, obtain confidential 360-degree feedback from those that know you well (i.e., your colleagues, family members, friends) to provide you with personal and practical insights into your communication skills.


  • Build your foundation. You will learn fundamental, life-changing principles based on fifty years of research that you can use to greatly increase your influence and ability to lead.
  • Get feedback. Discover your communication strengths and weaknesses from the Advanced Communication Survey.
  • Develop a plan. Begin building your personal action plan that will lead to more effective communication with others.
  • Enhance your skills. Practice new skills while receiving in-the-moment coaching and feedback from peers and Bell Leadership experts to create immediate improvement in your ability to communicate.
  • Senior leaders who want to increase their ability to influence others, develop committed followers and maximize organizational effectiveness.
  • Department and team managers who want to build trust and master the ability to handle conflicts.
  • Individual producers who want to deliver their ideas successfully and communicate confidently.

Advanced Communication Program Details

Most of our in-person programs are held at The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC. Our virtual programs are delivered using the Zoom platform.

Three days (arrive Monday evening) 
Day 1: 8:30a.m.-5:00p.m. EST 
Day 2: 8:30a.m.-5:00p.m. EST 
Day 3: 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m. EST 

Live Virtual 
Four 1/2 days 
9:00am – 1:00pm EST each day 

$4,775 in person without accommodations or live virtual

Advanced Communication Delivery Methods

Our seminars are offered locally in the heart of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Our trainers lead a program on-site at your office location or at an offsite location of your choosing.


Build the Achiever culture from within by training members of your organization as facilitators.


Advanced Communication Survey

The Advanced Communication Survey is a powerful 360-degree assessment. It is designed to evaluate your communication style from a variety of viewpoints, including your own and those of the colleagues, supervisors, friends and family who know you well.

The Advanced Communication Survey is unique compared to other 360-degree assessments because it evaluates your current performance in the Seven Essential Skills of Communication. Participants receive numerical scores along with narrative feedback for each of the seven communication skills. Used in conjunction with the Advanced Communication program, your survey results are a valuable resource for building an action plan to improve your communication behaviors.


Take Your Next Step Toward Leadership Mastery

Participating in a Bell Leadership program marks an initial step in your (or your company’s) journey to achieving significant behavioral change. Leadership Mastery takes a collection of efforts to build yourself and your organization. Continuous learning practices are essential to achieving great results. Here are some potential next steps you can take:

Surveys & Assessments

Quantitative and qualitative feedback is important to provide a benchmark and improve results. Learn how to gain honest feedback to improve individual and organizational performance.


Receive one-on-one guidance and support from one of the Bell Leadership trainers. Dive deeper into your Advanced Communication Survey feedback and further develop your skills.

Leadership Seminars

Bell Leadership offers a comprehensive suite of seminars for you to select from to accelerate your skills toward Leadership Mastery. Choose the next leadership skill you would like to build.

Council for Entrepreneurial Development

“The opportunity to receive associate feedback alone is invaluable, but when paired with Dr. Bell’s theories and specific tools for getting to the heart of the matter at hand, the results are game-changing. I believe this seminar will have a profound impact on my current and future relationships, both personal and professional.”

Lindsay Burns, Former Relations Manager


Western Michigan University

“This was my first Bell workshop and I was very impressed. So well executed, planned, presented. Dr. Bell has a wonderful way to connect with his students and passionately teach what he’s researched over many years. I am better for attending Advanced Communication!”

Paul Terzino, Director Bernhard Center


Mortenson Family Dental

The course overall was outstanding. Most of the valuable learning applies directly to my line of work, and to my personal and professional objectives. The team did a great job.

Alvaro Galvez, VP Risk Management & Compliance