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Accelerate Your Path to Leadership Mastery with an Expert Coach

Building your leadership skills to become a more effective leader is a continuous process.  Bell Leadership provides Executive Coaching for C-Suite and top-level leaders to provide personalized support, act as a sounding board and help achieve personal objectives. The higher up in the organization, the larger your role and responsibility – and the more challenging it becomes to spend time truly leading rather than managing or doing. A Bell Executive Coach is a confidant that guides you (and your executives) through performance challenges with a process that helps influence your business outcome.

Executive Coaching Experience

  • One, 30-min introductory session.
  • Ongoing, 60 to 90-min coaching sessions spaced as needed and generally every two to six weeks.
  • In anticipation of coaching sessions, you may be asked to work on tailored “pre-work” to practice various techniques and focus your time during each session.
  • Coaching sessions can take place in-person, via phone or the virtual Zoom platform.

Master Class

A Master Class is a half or full-day session with a leadership coach designed to address your unique strengths and weaknesses so that you can build onto your current skills, discover new talents, and contribute to your organization more effectively. Master Classes focus on:

  • Determining your goals and objectives
  • Action planning
  • Getting motivated
  • Creating a set of critical assignments to implement
  • Reviewing your successes, what did and didn’t work, and uncovering the obstacles that prevented you from reaching your desired goals


“The results in my life have been amazing. Our company and team continue to grow and prosper. I have become a better person, husband, friend, and parent.”

Barry Schlouch

President, Schlouch Inc.