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A Master Class in Leadership for Senior Executives

Take an Inside Look at The Leader’s Roundtable

The Leader’s Roundtable brings together high-level leaders from various organizations and industries for six, two-day meetings over the course of a year to learn together, share challenges and discuss best practices. The meetings focus on the most important responsibilities of a leader and help members share ideas, questions and perspectives in a confidential setting with peers who understand the weight of their daily responsibilities. Members learn to leverage their time, expertise and knowledge to a high degree of impact. Throughout the year, the cohort learns concepts they can use immediately to build long-lasting structures to truly lead their companies, not simply manage them.

In each two-day meeting, The Leader’s Roundtable members apply learned leadership principles to business cases from their own organizations or select business cases.  The group develop their own comprehensive action plans for implementation. The continuity and reinforcement of each meeting enriches learning and builds lasting changes and relationships.

This select group of high-level leaders will work hard, have fun, think creatively, and build their business and themselves. The results generate permanent changes that produce powerful personal and organizational improvements while growing a trusted peer network. Meetings are held at The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC.

The Leader’s Roundtable builds your personal effectiveness AND your company’s bottom line. 


“…all of the leaders at Radio Flyer have gone through The Leader’s Roundtable and it has had a huge impact on our company. I believe it’s one of the reasons we’ve received so much recognition as one of the best places to work in the world.”

Robert Pasin

Chief Wagon Officer

Radio Flyer

“For me the Bell Leadership experience has been transformational on many levels – personally for me as a leader, for the development of our leadership team and for our overall strategic approach to building Captrust.”

Fielding Miller

CEO and Co-Founder


“Building a global team where you get the best of every geography, every culture, you bring it together, you enable people to work across those many differences for the good of the enterprise and do something meaningful, that’s really powerful.”

John Haller

EVP, Chief of Global Quality and Operations


John Haller

EVP, Chief of Global Quality and Operations


The Leader’s Roundtable Overview

  • A Full Year Exclusive Training Program
  • Engage with other C-Suite Executives
  • Gain Best Practices Through Case Study Lessons & Discussions
  • Receive Problem-Solving Support
  • Build a Lasting Network of Peers

Added Benefit:  Organizations with an employee in The Leader’s Roundtable receive a special price of $4,500 (without accommodations) for associates within the company to attend an Achievers program and special pricing for all other open enrollment programs during the year of membership. Please contact us for details.

The cohort meets six times throughout the year for 2 days per session.

  • Day 1 of each session: 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m. EST
  • Day 2 of each session: 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m. EST

Tuition for The Leader’s Roundtable is $19,750, billed quarterly. This includes tuition, materials, continental breakfast and lunch each day, and programmatic activities. Airfare, transportation to and from the airport, and personal incidentals are not included.

The Leader’s Roundtable Experience

This exclusive Bell Leadership program is specifically designed for CEOs, presidents and senior officers. Our Bell Leaders pay close attention to details to ensure an atmosphere for deep level learning, engagement and hospitality. You will enjoy a hands-on, interactive, deep-learning experience that includes:

  • Live facilitation
  • Senior-level cross industry perspectives
  • Interactive small group discussions
  • Bell Leadership team support
  • In advance of The Leader’s Roundtable, you will participate in the Achievers seminar and complete the Bell Personality Profile a 360-degree survey where you will request confidential feedback from those that know you well (i.e., your colleagues, family members, friends). This will provide personal and practical insights for improving your leadership practices.
  • Complete custom-designed pre-work assignments for each of The Leader’s Roundtable sessions, preparing you to engage deeply on each topic and focusing on what is most relevant for you and your organization.
  • Agree to and enjoy total confidentiality to promote and encourage openness and trust during each session.

Build Your Peer Network. Building relationships is paramount to great leadership. This program creates an engaging environment for senior executives to connect and learn from others that share and understand the weight of their daily responsibilities.

Gain Best Practices. Learn key principles and best practices that produce optimal results. Bell Leadership leverages more than 50 years of research on the most effective and ineffective leaders with real business application. You will also learn valuable lessons from discussions and case studies with your peers.

Apply Key Principles. The Leader’s Roundtable offers the benefit of spaced learning.  The cohort gets together for a deep dive for 2 days to go through key concepts. Then everyone receives some homework with the opportunity for application in their life and their organization. The cohort will come back together 6-8 weeks later to discuss and continue building on what you have learned. 

Drive Results. Members of The Leader’s Roundtable will work hard, have fun, think creatively, and build themselves and their business.  Using the powerful, practical leadership principles, each member will develop an action plan tailored to their situation with practices they can use immediately to drive.

Continue Your Learning. After completing The Leader’s Roundtable, return to Chapel Hill for an annual Bell Leader’s Roundtable Mastery program exclusively for our Roundtable graduates. An excellent way to further your development, build relationships and learn with other senior leaders.

  • C-suite and senior executives, who have broad management experience and leadership responsibility for one or more teams.
  • Attendees of Bell Leadership’s Achievers™ program: Achievers™ is a pre-requisite for The Leader’s Roundtable. If you have not attended, you can register for an upcoming program prior to the first Leader’s Roundtable meeting.

The Leader’s Roundtable Details

  • Building Wisdom – Think Like a Leader
  • The Leader’s Job – Top Responsibilities of a Leader
  • Leading Change – Get Everyone On-board
  • World-Class Communication – Lead with Effective Communication
  • Keys to Selection – Select Great People by Hiring Smart
  • Peak Performance – Living the Complex Life of a Leader

*Topics are subject to change.

  • Day One, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (EST)
  • Day Two, 8:30 am – 3:30 pm (EST)
  • Sessions 1 & 2  – January 17 & 18, 2024
  • Sessions 3 & 4  – March 13 & 14, 2024
  • Sessions 5 & 6  – May 8 & 9, 2024
  • Sessions 7 & 8  – August 14 & 15, 2024
  • Sessions 9 & 10  – October 9 & 10, 2024
  • Sessions 11 & 12  – December 11 & 12, 2024

*Dates are subject to change.

Our mission is to help people develop their personal effectiveness and leadership skills to contribute to humankind.