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The more a person is actively engaged in multiple ways, the higher their rate of retention for the experience.


Have you ever noticed that situations or events that engage your senses are often the most memorable? Studies have proven what many of us instinctively know from experience—using all five senses enhances our ability to learn and retain information.

With this knowledge and our 50+ years of observing how people learn and develop, Bell Leadership determined that a key to success in any form of learning and development is to help people engage each of their five sensory systems throughout the learning process.

The Bell Leadership team makes intentional effort in every training program to stimulate all five senses for participants.


Flipcharts and colorful markers are used by our trainers to create what we call “Achiever Art,” notes and diagrams that allow participants to interact visually with the training content. Programs include breakout sessions to encourage frequent face-to-face interactions among attendees for further visual engagement.


Music is specially selected for each program to positively enhance the feeling and energy of the room and activities through auditory sensation. Breakout groups are frequently shuffled to allow participants to hear a variety of voices.


Writing physical notes with pen and paper is highly encouraged so attendees can have tactile engagement in their learning. The event spaces we choose are specifically selected for their warmth and texture.


Menus are carefully chosen to stimulate taste buds and adhere to any dietary needs of our participants, including snacks and meals. Water, coffee, and other beverages are always available, keeping palates refreshed.


Scented markers are used in the Achiever Art creation, providing not only color but also a fun aroma to the space and helping to connect a memory through multiple senses. We encourage visiting outdoor spaces on breaks to experience the scent of fresh air and the surrounding landscape.

These sensory elements significantly increase focus, salience, thinking, and learning. The more a person is actively engaged in multiple ways—talking, taking notes, listening, moving around, consuming their environment both mentally and physically—the higher their rate of retention for the experience.


The Bell Leadership Institute has been employing multi-sensory methods to build leaders for over 50 years. Check out our programs to learn more.