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A Powerful 360-Degree Assessment


The Bell Personality Profile

A powerful 360-degree assessment designed to provide insight into your leadership style from a variety of viewpoints, including your own and those of the colleagues, supervisors, friends and family who know you well.

The Bell Personality Profile is unique compared to other 360-degree assessments because it provides feedback within the framework of Bell Leadership’s Achiever Model™. Participants of our Achievers™ and Achievers II programs receive feedback on how their personality patterns compare to the six most effective and the six least effective leadership styles in the world.

The Bell Personality Profile examines eight dimensions of leadership, including:

  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Goal Setting
  • Style of Humor
  • Listening
  • Responding to Mistakes
  • Responding to Stress
  • Motivation

Receiving feedback and changing your patterns of behavior is hard, that is why we staff every one of our programs with knowledgeable trainers and facilitators who guide individuals through the process, interpreting and working with you to create and implement action plans for positive, life-changing outcomes. We are with you every step of the way, making it easier to embrace feedback as the powerful tool it can be. 

“The Bell Personality Profile has been a great tool for our senior leaders to better understand themselves and their fellow team members.
We can all talk openly and frankly on our strengths and weaknesses, which makes us a more effective working team.”

Dennis Gilkey

President and CEO

Bonita Bay Properties

Make the Most of Your Achievers™ Experience

THE COMPLETE ACHIEVERS PACKAGE – Bell Leadership is pleased to offer a fully comprehensive Achievers experience! A complete Achievers program solution that builds and deepens your Self IQ, then strengthens your People IQ in how you relate and work with others. It starts with our “life-changing” Achievers seminar, followed by personal Action Plan support and culminates with the Achievers II program.

Learn more about the package and how you can save by signing up.


Become a Great Leader – Build Yourself First The “life-changing” cornerstone program of the Bell Leadership Institute designed to help you lead like the best in the world with a deep understanding of your personal strengths, weaknesses and motivations.


Achieve forward with an Achievers coaching package for personal post-Achievers action plan support.



Lead Like an Achiever – Build Your Influence This seminar leverages your learning from Achievers™ and expands on the specific behaviors required to build your leadership skills and drive impactful results through influencing and relating with others.


“This was the single greatest professional and personal development course I have ever attended… Thank you for opening my eyes and my mind.”

Zak Kemp, Associate Director & Product Development


Herrmann Ultrasonics

“The program was exceptional and exceeded my expectations significantly. I was extremely impressed with how well it was run as well as the expertise of our trainers. Thank you!”

Scott Weiss, Operations Manager


H. Nelson Eddy DDS, PA

Absolute best class I’ve taken. I have 4 degrees and take multiple continuing ed courses throughout the year and this BY FAR has been the most beneficial to my management role that I am currently in.

Ashley Beatty, Office Manager