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A “match,” for your team and organization means not just that the candidate fits the team, but also that the team and organization fit the candidate.

Are You Shortchanging Your Hiring Process?

There’s a temptation, especially with today’s labor challenges, to find anyone for your open positions and hire them as quickly as possible, so you can fill the void. Challenges of long-lingering vacancies can put a strain on your team, no doubt, with existing employees being stretched thin and the quality of work suffering when there isn’t the right person with the right skills doing the job. But don’t let these pressures cause you to shortchange your intentions to hire the best candidate possible. Your organization’s work doesn’t get done without great people doing it. Here are three key reasons why developing a detailed and deliberate hiring process results in better selection for your team.

1) Organizational Input

Involving key team members from your organization in your selection process is of tremendous value to your future success. Making time to include vested decision makers will elicit a different kind of response, information, and behavior from candidates and significantly improves your interview experience and outcome. This enables you to combine different sets of insights to gain a more accurate and comprehensive analysis of candidates.

2) Opportunity to Know Your Candidates 

Even if you ask the most pointed, effective questions, people tend to be much more guarded in a first interview and will likely provide surface level, practiced answers. Without a plan to have multiple conversations with candidates and enough time allowed for that process, you may feel like “going with your gut” is your best option. Additional interviews will allow you to learn more about your candidates and get beyond the rehearsed answers.

3) Confidence in a Mutual Match 

A “match,” for your team and organization means not just that the candidate fits the team, but also that the team and organization fit the candidate. Interviews are opportunities for you to share details about your business—the culture, history, mission, vision, and expectations for the role and the team. Your interview process can include these details at different levels as your relationship with a candidate progresses. The more you’re able to share, the more they’ll be able to decide with certainty whether your organization is a good fit for them.

An intentional interview process is one way you can improve talent acquisition as well as create stability across your organization. If you are looking to successfully build your business, it starts with your people. Your people build your business.

Your Selection process ultimately encompasses hiring, promoting, reconfiguring roles and responsibilities, and succession planning. Bell Leadership Institute can help your organization improve these processes with key techniques and a live practice interview to help you build your skills to find, grow, and retain effective people.


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