Advanced Communication: Master the Seven Essential Skills of Effective Communication

Without question, I derived more from this seminar and in the shortest amount of time than any other I have attended. Besides the content, the manner in which it was delivered will stay with me forever. I learned,and learned how to learn at the same time! Thank you Dr. Bell.


Master the Seven Essential Skills of Effective Communication

The path to becoming a world-class leader is built upon your communication skills.  Bell Leadership’s communication strategies have proven so successful in producing increased effectiveness for key leaders throughout the world that we designed this seminar.  The goal is to help you make a significant improvement in your communication skills by the end of this three-day seminar.

Before attending this seminar, you will have the opportunity to complete the Bell Advanced Communication Survey.  This confidential 360-degree online assessment allows you and others you select to evaluate your current performance in the Seven Essential Skills of Communication.  Your results, given to you at the seminar, will identify your greatest communication skills, those you may want to reduce, and specific actions you can take to improve your skills.

You will learn how to:

  • Increase your listening effectiveness.
  • Deliver your ideas clearly and more powerfully.
  • Confront conflicts more effectively and with less stress.
  • Be open and non-defensive when people give you feedback, suggestions, and criticism.
  • Master non-verbal communication.
  • Enhance your sense of humor.
  • Strengthen your presentation skills to deliver your content more successfully.