The Leadership Mastery Series™

A comprehensive suite of proven solutions, grounded in over 45 years of research, with lasting results. Participants get in-depth, live, and highly-participatory learning experience with practical take-home value. The series consists of the following sessions and training can be delivered through Open-Enrollment seminars held in Chapel Hill, NC and regionally or On-Site at a location of your choice with participants from your company.

These leadership development seminars may be taken in any order, with the exception that Achievers™ is a prerequisite for Great Leaders.

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In this program you will gain a deep understanding of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and your motivations. You will learn to lead like the best in the world in a way that is congruent with who you are. Your experience and action steps will be uniquely customized based on your Bell Personality Profile results.
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Great Leaders* 
In Achievers you started down a path to become a great leader. This program takes you further. You will learn how to manage the most challenging situations and how to work with different kinds of people, even the difficult ones. *Achievers is the required prerequisite.
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Advanced Communication
You will see significant improvement in your communication skills by the end of this three-day program. It starts with a confidential 360-degree assessment you will take online ahead of time. Your results, given to you at the program, will identify your greatest communication skills, those you may want to reduce and specific action steps.
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Advanced Time Management & Personal Productivity
The higher you advance as a leader, the more complicated it gets to manage your time. Few people ever study the kinds of advanced methods and techniques you will learn in this program. Raise your level of effectiveness, increase your profits, manage your stress better and bring clarity to your life. (This is the perfect program to attend with a spouse or partner. Get 50% off one person’s tuition when you attend together.)
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The Leader’s Job
In this program you will learn how to build your leadership style and influence; lead rather than manage; set direction to ensure focus, consistency and execution; focus on the right things to build your business; bring out the best in your people.
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Change Leadership
Your business will make more money and be more effective if you can lead through change. In this program you will begin to develop the ability to change people and inspire great performance.
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Selecting Achievers
In this program you will learn how to hire the best people for your company’s needs and ensure their success from the beginning. You will learn interviewing techniques, when and how to promote, demote and reconfigure.
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Advanced Teamwork
Why do some teams soar and others fall flat? After this program, you will know why. You will learn how to assess your team, take immediate actions steps to build teamwork and lead your team past the most daunting obstacles.
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Money, Families & Children
Learn specific techniques for using your money to build your family and help your children become mentally healthy, productive people.
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