The Leadership Mastery Series®

A comprehensive suite of proven solutions, grounded in over 50 years of research, with lasting results. Participants get in-depth, live, and highly-participatory learning experience with practical take-home value. The series consists of the following sessions and training can be delivered through Open-Enrollment seminars held virtually, in Chapel Hill, NC and regionally or On-Site at a location of your choice with participants from your company. 

The leadership development seminars may be taken in any order, with one exception.
The Achievers™ is a prerequisite for Achievers II.

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Described by graduates as “life-changing,” Achievers™ is the cornerstone program of Bell Leadership Institute, designed to help you lead like the best in the world with a deep understanding of yourself. Your experience will be uniquely customized based on your Bell Personality Profile results.

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Achievers II* (Formerly Great Leaders) 

Achievers II leverages the learning of Achievers™ to target the most effective behaviors for leading others. You will learn strategies for working with different kinds of people and master the Basic Elements of a Leader’s Life™. *Achievers is the required prerequisite.

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Advanced Communication

The ability to influence people positively and effectively is built on the foundation of Advanced Communication skills. As a participant, you will significantly build your ability to gain commitment, drive results, implement change, and help your organization grow into a world-class institution.

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Advanced Time Management & Personal Productivity

This program explains how and why highly effective individuals set goals, plan their days, prioritize their time and manage their lives. You will leave with a personal plan that helps you lead a healthier, more productive life. (Get 50% off one person’s tuition when you attend with a partner.)

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The Leader’s Job

The Leader’s Job explores the ten significant roles leaders must master to build a long-lasting organization that produces great results. This program provides you the tools for solving problems and leading change effectively, while bringing out the best in your people.

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Change Leadership

Change Leadership demonstrates how to advance change in today’s business environment. This program will provide you with the tools to create a desire for change within your organization, significantly increasing the effectiveness of any change initiative, large or small.

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Selecting Achievers

Selecting Achievers offers a powerful framework for attracting, hiring, developing and retaining top talent. Additionally, you will acquire strategies for evaluating your current team for promotion, demotion, reconfiguration and, when necessary, deselection.

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Advanced Teamwork

You will learn the key principles to build teamwork across your organization, what causes teams to succeed, and how to avoid the obstacles to building high-achieving teams. Advanced Teamwork provides practical methods for promoting innovation and collaboration while getting work done.

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Money, Families & Children

Leading a family is one of life’s most challenging jobs. Money, Families & Children provides you with advanced tools to use your leadership, experience and wealth to lead your family successfully.

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