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Design Your Work & Priorities to Achieve Your Goals

The problems and opportunities we face dictate the work we do. As the environment shifts rapidly, we can face significant challenges focusing the right people, on the right work, at the right time.

Bell Leadership’s Job Design™ process is an innovative system that helps leaders collaboratively and efficiently define their roles and their team’s work in the most productive direction. The Job Design system empowers leaders to give their people autonomy to identify key priorities, support in thinking creatively about their challenges and provides tools to create an actionable plan to achieve those goals.

This two-day virtual program will provide you with the skills to understand the human dynamics of how people truly commit to their work and create a system to help your people move their work forward in a complex environment.

“By setting a goal, you increase your chances of reaching it by 33%.”

Dr. Gerald Bell

Founder and CEO, Bell Leadership Institute

Achievers Job Design Overview

  • The Job Design™ system and how it works to increase alignment, accountability and teamwork.
  • Key steps to imbed Job Design within your organization and your routine goal-setting processes.
  • Strategies to define and prioritize your key personal goals, and focus on the most important work for you.

The Job Design program will be facilitated virtually “live” through the Zoom platform.

In anticipation of the program, participants will work on tailored “pre-work” to focus their time during the virtual sessions.

Bell Leadership trainers use innovative methods for adult learners to create engagement and action throughout the program. During the program, leaders will work to design their own jobs to experience the Job Design system.

  • CEOs/Executives who want to understand how to lead their business.
  • Top managers who want to better lead their teams and can apply Job Design within the goal-setting systems they have.
  • First-time managers and individual producers who want to be successful in their jobs and lead their careers.

Achievers Job Design Details

Virtual via the Zoom platform.

Day One
9:00a.m.-4:00p.m. EST

Day Two
9:00a.m.-1:00p.m. EST


Take Your Next Step Toward Leadership Mastery

Participating in a Bell Leadership program marks an initial step in your (or your company’s) journey to achieving significant behavioral change. Leadership Mastery takes a collection of efforts to build yourself and your organization. Continuous learning practices are essential to achieving great results. Here are some potential next steps you can take:

Surveys & Assessments

Quantitative and qualitative feedback is important to provide a benchmark and improve results. Learn how to gain honest feedback to improve individual and organizational performance.


Receive one-on-one guidance and support from one of the Bell Leadership trainers. Dive deeper into concepts learned during the program and further develop your leadership skills.

Leadership Seminars

Bell Leadership offers a comprehensive suite of seminars for you to select from to accelerate your skills toward Leadership Mastery. Choose the next leadership skill you would like to build.