Virtual Training

Bell Leadership offers flexible learning solutions that are custom-designed to address your organization’s leadership challenges. Our Live Virtual training programs bring groups of people together and provide a well-paced blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning combined with engaging activities and breakout conversations. Our experienced trainers create an interactive and focused learning session where participants experience deep level learning. Within the Live sessions, Bell Leaders interact closely with participants to further support their learning and develop the necessary action plan and next steps customized to your needs using powerful, practical leadership principles.  

Our methodology incorporates best practices of how adults learn and retain knowledge. Utilizing assessments and personality profiles based on more than 50 years of research, we have developed proven algorithms that drive meaningful insights. Additionally, Bell Leadership is constantly evolving our leadership learning curriculum to support today’s leaders with the necessary tools to navigate and lead through the changing environment while motivating their teams to deliver bottom line results.

Here are two of the many programs that are currently available for groups or teams of four or more within the same organization. You can also select a program from one of our popular topics or we can customize one for you. Contact us to discuss the right solution for you and your organization.

Live Virtual Achievers™

We are pleased to offer organizations Live Virtual Achievers™, a live program delivered online by Bell Leadership trainers and based off our “life-changing” in-person cornerstone program. This engaging and interactive online seminar is designed to help your people lead like the best in the world with a deep understanding of their personal strengths, weaknesses and motivations. Participants receive pivotal tools to immediately improve their leadership skills and sustain their effectiveness for a lifetime. Live Virtual Achievers™ provides companies a timely solution to connect their teams and build their leaders at all levels. Contact us to plan your Live Virtual Achievers™ program.

Live Virtual Change Leadership

Change is constant, and the potential disruption it causes poses a challenge to all organizations. To survive and thrive when the external environment is shifting rapidly and exponentially, leaders must be prepared to embrace change and quickly drive their business forward with agility, resilience and innovation. With more than 50 years of experience working with CEOs and change catalysts in every industry, Bell Leadership is constantly evolving our Change Leadership curriculum to support today’s leaders in becoming change leaders by delivering high impact insights that drive bottom line results. Contact us to discuss a custom Change Leadership program that is right for your team.