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We Bring the Content, You Bring the Talent of Your People

Integrate our research-backed content into all levels of your organization.

The success of a business is dictated by the leadership of its employees. Our licensed programs provide an effective and efficient way to build leaders at scale within your company. We recognize that you know your people and culture best. Licensing our programs equips you with the tools to facilitate our research-backed proven leadership programs while positioning them within the current context of your organization – resulting in increased employee engagement and company-wide alignment.


Why should your company license Bell Leadership’s training?

  • Attract and retain talent by providing meaningful and scalable  leadership training opportunities for all employees.
  • Access proven research-backed leadership concepts and learning methodology  to enhance and grow your organization’s culture and values.
  • Create a common language of leadership so employees can communicate effectively and honestly about how they interact with each other.
  • Leverage the skills of your leadership development team and provide them with a prestigious leadership certification
  • Experience increased innovation and collaboration across functional areas. 


We had the opportunity to sit down with two of our experienced licensed facilitators. Learn more about how licensing our programs has impacted their organization.

“For me the Bell Leadership experience has been transformational on many levels – personally for me as a leader, for the development of our leadership team and for our overall strategic approach to building Captrust.”

Robert Pasin

Chief Wagon Officer

Radio Flyer

Our Approach

Our Licensed Programs are video supported through Dr. Gerald Bell’s instruction. By utilizing this delivery method, you can focus on guiding your people, facilitating meaningful and insightful conversations and supporting your program participants.    

We take a comprehensive approach when partnering with your organization to become licensed in delivering our content to your leaders. We work with you to identify your desired outcomes, current leadership development initiatives, and a facilitator or team of facilitators to support with the integration of our programs within your organization. 

We have an ongoing conversation with you about your current leadership strategies and your desired results, and partner with you on building out a licensing plan that is customized to your organization and goals. 

You identify the people who have the commitment in building the skills to deliver leadership training across your organization. Based on your desired outcomes, we help you select the program or programs for you to license.

We will collaborate with you to select programs that meet your desired outcomes. Your identified facilitators attend three open enrollment programs related to their licensing track over the course of 6-12 months to learn program content and develop their facilitation skills. They receive 1-on-1 coaching and customized assignments in between those sessions.  

Facilitators attend aFundamentals of Training” session to integrate their learnings and prepare for a successful launch. 

After their first program, facilitators have access to calls with our trainers, our community of facilitators and our Facilitator Portal with additional resources to continue your learning and development. 

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Our Programs

Described by graduates as “life-changing,” Achievers™ is the cornerstone program of Bell Leadership Institute, designed to help you lead like the best in a way that is congruent with who you are. Your experience and action steps will be uniquely customized based on your Bell Personality Profile (360 survey) results.


Achievers II leverages the learning of Achievers™ to target the most effective behaviors for leading others. You will learn strategies for working with different kinds of people and master the Basic Elements of a Leader's Life™: goal setting, delegation, communication, listening, response to mistakes, response to stress and style of humor.


Participants see a significant improvement in their communication skills by the end of this program. A key component is the Bell Advanced Communication Survey, a confidential 360-degree assessment to identify your most and least effective communication skills and specific action steps to take for improvement.


The best leaders inspire their teams by leading to and through change, constantly. They engage employees in developing new approaches, adopting innovative solutions, increasing alignment and boosting productivity. In this program, participants learn the methods to understand, address and effectively lead change to increase the efficacy and adoption in their organization.



“…all of the leaders at Radio Flyer have gone through The Leader’s Roundtable and it has had a huge impact on our company. I believe it’s one of the reasons we’ve received so much recognition as one of the best places to work in the world.”

Robert Pasin

Chief Wagon Officer

Radio Flyer

“For me the Bell Leadership experience has been transformational on many levels – personally for me as a leader, for the development of our leadership team and for our overall strategic approach to building Captrust.”

Fielding Miller

CEO and Co-Founder


“Building a global team where you get the best of every geography, every culture, you bring it together, you enable people to work across those many differences for the good of the enterprise and do something meaningful, that’s really powerful.”

John Haller

EVP, Chief of Global Quality and Operations