Dr. Dana L. Lebo

Dana L. Lebo, Ph.D

Dr. Dana Lebo, a seasoned executive coach, trainer, and licensed psychologist, has spent 20 years applying her extensive background in psychologies of performance, health, sports, and whole-brain integration to help hundreds of individuals, teams, couples, and families achieve their goals in their professional and personal lives.

Dr. Lebo earned her Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia University and Master’s degrees from Columbia’s Teachers College and Georgetown University’s School of Graduate Studies. She began her career in the field of international development with fellowships to study anthropology and Arabic in the Middle East, manage projects at a global relief agency in Cairo, and teach resettlement skills to refugees at the American Cultural Center in Alexandria, Egypt.

During her training to become a psychologist, Dr. Lebo worked as a human resources consultant in the high-tech R&D environment of Bell Labs, and helped teams in inpatient hospitals in NY and NJ address the challenging needs of their clients.  She also joined the faculty at the New Jersey Human Resources Development Institute, where she designed and taught numerous statewide leadership programs.

Today, Dr. Lebo devotes her career to helping people build the skills of leadership and manage the stress, conflict, and complexities of busy home and work lives.  Her training and consulting experience span a wide range of organizations from entrepreneurial start-ups to global corporations. She has worked with multicultural teams in a variety of fields, including computer technology, banking, college sports, real estate, construction, transportation, advertising, pharmaceuticals, health care, and education.

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Lebo stays abreast of the latest tools and techniques to help promote lasting behavioral change in both individuals and organizations, regularly attending master classes in brief therapy, mindfulness, and clinical hypnosis.  She has authored a book for high school students on how to “get in the zone” and write in ways that connect with and influence others.

Dr. Lebo, a mother of four, grandmother, and competitive runner and triathlete, especially enjoys helping people reach peak performance in all areas of their lives.

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