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Leveling Up Your Talent Strategy

Susan Gisler

Leadership Trainer, Speaker & Coach

Bill Sanford, Senior Executive Trainer at Bell Leadership

Leveling Up Your Talent Strategy

Susan Gisler

Leadership Trainer, Speaker & Coach



Leadership Trainer, Speaker & Coach
Bell Leader since 2021
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Thank you for your interest and engagement in discussing ways to attract, retain and develop great talent. Leaders know that the successful growth of a business is directly correlated to the talent of its people. And yet, finding a great “match” – the right person for the right job – is consistently one of the biggest challenges organizations face.

While we were able to explore frameworks and tools that can be used to enhance your hiring processes, the topics are of course more expansive and complex than we had time for. If you have questions about any specific areas of our conversation or concepts, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Selecting Achievers

Talent acquisition and retention requires more than just finding people with the relevant skills and experience for the job. It’s critically important that those selected also fit the culture of the business and will use their skills to work smart, have the commitment to work hard, and demonstrate the interpersonal ability to work well with others.

To be truly successful, talent acquisition and development needs to involve everyone in the organization. This requires skills that many leaders and team members have never had the opportunity to develop. Selecting Achievers offers a proven and powerful framework that equips everyone in the organization with the critical skills needed to attract, develop, and retain great people.

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“You cannot change your past behaviors, but you can learn and move forward with the knowledge and skills to build your best life.”

Susan Gisler

Leadership Trainer, Speaker & Coach

Bell Leadership Institute