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Executive Facilitator & Coach
Bell Leader since 2019
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Beril brings a rich understanding of personality, behavior and motivation to her work with Bell Leadership. As a program facilitator, she guides leaders to reflect on their personal impact, to improve their decision making and refine their communication skills. With energetic positivity and a warm sense of humor, she connects with leaders at all levels. Her keen insights and practical strategies enable people to increase their personal and professional influence.

Beril draws from a range of experiences as a facilitator, teacher, researcher, mentor and coach in private and university settings in the US and Europe. Her global perspective fuels commitment to empower leaders as they focus their vision of excellence for themselves and their organizations.

When not facilitating leadership training, Beril delights in traveling to new places with her husband and children, playing competitive tennis and cheering on the Tar Heels.

  • M.A and Ph.D in Developmental Psychology from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  • Post Doctoral Fellow: Frank Porter Graham Development Center
  • Adjunct Faculty University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Franklin University, Switzerland and Columbia University, Teachers College

Fun Facts About Beril

Our family of four loves to travel. We are happy to go just about anywhere, anytime we can make it work! We especially enjoy being in new places and meeting new people where we can hike, swim, surf or ski. A favorite travel tradition is finding a local spot for a holiday haircut - we’ve got some priceless post-trim photos!

Patagonia tops our current dream-big list. It has so much that appeals – a sense of the wild, a dramatic and varied landscape, and all kinds of outdoor adventure possibilities. Pictures to follow if we ever get there!

A recent favorite is a documentary called Maiden about the first-ever British women’s sailing team to compete in the Whitbread Round the World race. The story and sailing footage are amazing, but perhaps the best parts of the film are the recent interviews with the crew and their competitors. They are open, honest and often so funny as they reflect on leaning into challenge, facing impossible odds and some tough and tender lessons in leadership and teamwork.

Finder of lost people and things.

So many to live by. Among my favorites: "people do the best they can for who they are and what they know."