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Bringing together the right skill sets, as well as a variety of backgrounds and experiences, makes it more likely a team will innovate and solve problems.


Great things come from individuals working together as a team. Without teams, we wouldn’t be able to tackle our most complex challenges. But not all teams are created equal. Bringing together the right skill sets, as well as a variety of backgrounds and experiences, makes it more likely a team will innovate and solve problems. Good teams have the requisite technical know-how to address the task at hand, but a great team requires a high-functioning dynamic to keep everyone working toward a shared vision. Here are six critical abilities to ensure a great team dynamic.

1. Going for the Goal.

Every team needs someone with a can-do attitude. These individuals are always looking for new opportunities, are willing to take risks and bring the team along in their quest for success. They are the energy that propels a team forward.

2. Challenging Group Think.

For all the enthusiasm that can come along with a team effort, there is also a need for someone to bring up the hard truths and not be afraid to challenge the group’s thinking. These team members stand up for honesty and everyone’s right to have input, even if it goes against the grain.

3. Crossing the Finish Line.

Teams are meant to achieve results, and it’s important that there be someone with the skill set to make sure that happens. Individuals who can keep everyone in the team on schedule, on budget and on task are a real asset. These people finish what they start, and they help the rest of the team do the same.

4. Staying Level Headed.

Teamwork can be stressful and there are always ups and downs, wins and losses. Someone who can be a voice of reason and lend an ear to validate concerns and calm nerves is essential. You need people on your team who keep their cool and remind others that failure, though not the desired outcome, is often a necessary part of the process.

5. Bridging Differences.

Teams consist of lots of different personalities working together; that can be hard. Having an individual who can bring people together, listening and supporting everyone, will make the work go much smoother. Someone who recognizes the strengths of each team member will be able to see how each person can work together to get the job done.

6. Generating Ideas.

Ideas can come from anyone on the team, but it’s helpful to have individuals who excel at getting the juices flowing and opening everyone up to innovative solutions. Having someone who can get conversations started, generate creative suggestions from the team and draw out thoughtful questions is where progress begins.

You may be fortunate to have team members who bring more than one of these assets to the table, but be sure to account for all of them. Having a high level of all 6 of these abilities represented will help ensure you have a winning team who will be up for any challenge.


Ensuring you have the right people on your team—is essential for organizational success. Talent acquisition requires more than finding people with the right technical skills and experience for the job. Leaders must find people that use their skills to work smart, have the commitment to work hard, and demonstrate the personality skills needed to work well with others. Learn more by registering for our upcoming Selecting Achievers program or contact us to find out how to foster teamwork and get your team working hard, smart and together.