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The Carolina Way



The Carolina Way: Lessons on Leadership and Teambuilding from a Life of Coaching Co-written by Dean Smith and Gerald D. Bell, Ph.D. with John Kilgo.

An inspiration to business leaders, coaches and individuals alike, The Carolina Way reminds us that when we stay focused on the human spirit in what we do, we will find success.

Coach Dean Smith of the University of North Carolina and Dr. Gerald Bell of the Bell Leadership Institute developed this resource of life-changing principles out of their practice of sharing ideas and concepts that could span the distance between two seemingly unlikely things—basketball and business. Between their discussions, they learned that many of the problems that business leaders face are really the same ones that coaches face on their teams; it’s just a lot easier to see them on the court than in the office.

  • How do you motivate your players/workers?
  • How do you get players/workers to be deeply committed to their organization?
  • How do you get individuals to play/work as a team?

Together, Coach Smith and Dr. Bell compiled their invaluable teachings to present the proven philosophy used by Dean Smith to coach a famously successful team, time and time again. This same philosophy can be applied by readers to the leadership and team-building challenges in their own lives.

With business and leadership insights from Dr. Bell as well as “Player Perspectives” from former North Carolina basketball stars, each story and aspect of Coach Smith’s successful program is illustrated as a formula for living a life and leading a business with excellence and integrity.