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September 17 - 19, 2024 (Chapel Hill, NC) WAIT LIST ONLY

This in-person seminar will take place in Chapel Hill, NC.

Registration for this seminar has closed.

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Achievers™ is the “life-changing” cornerstone program of the Bell Leadership Institute designed to help you lead like the best in the world with a deep understanding of your personal strengths, weaknesses and motivations.

Founded on a half century of research and consulting with thousands of leaders, Achievers™ equips leaders at all levels with a proven framework to help recognize and immediately implement highly effective leadership techniques. While other programs assess how you behave, Achievers™ increases your Self IQ and leaves you with a thorough understanding of why you behave as you do. Knowing yourself deeply and understanding how you impact others enables you to build the skills required to positively influence people at every level of the organization.

Achievers™ includes the Bell Personality Profile, a confidential 360-degree assessment to solicit feedback from your associates that provides personal and practical insights for how to improve your leadership and management style. You will learn how your personality patterns compare to the six most effective and the six least effective leadership styles in the world.

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.  
  • Understand your personality, your motivations, and how your results affect others.  
  • Build practical skills required to positively impact people at every level of an organization.  
  • Reduce ineffective behaviors that hold you back from achieving your leadership potential.  
  • Develop the six Achiever core competencies of exceptional leaders.  
  • Grow your self-confidence as a leader to gain commitment from your team.   
  • Create an action plan that enhances and sustains your leadership skills and effectiveness. 

This Bell Leadership flagship program receives high marks from clients when it comes to the level of engagement and interaction that takes place. You will enjoy a hands-on, interactive, deep-learning experience that includes: 

  • Live facilitation 
  • Interactive small group discussions 
  • Daily homework assignments to reinforce concepts 
  • Bell Leadership team support 

Prepare:  in advance of the seminar, you will complete the Bell Personality Profile a 360-degree survey where you will request confidential feedback from those that know you well (i.e., your colleagues, family members, friends). Your personalized Bell Personality Profile will be shared with you during the program to provide personal and practical insights for how to improve your leadership and management style.


  • Make Connections. Building relationships is paramount to great leadership. This program creates an engaging environment for peers to connect and learn from each other. You will enhance your skills by interacting with other leaders and receive in-the-moment coaching from Bell Leadership team members. 
  • Increase Self IQ. Great leaders know themselves extremely well. During the program, you are encouraged to discover the core of who you are and why you behave the way you do. This deep self-learning creates a lasting effect.  
  • Have Fun. People commit to what they enjoy. For more than 50 years, Bell Leadership believes that "fun" promotes learning and builds happier and more productive leaders.  
  • Receive Feedback. Honest feedback improves self-awareness. Not only does the Bell Personality Profile reveal how you view yourself, but how others perceive you. Within the framework of the Achiever Model™, you will gain a greater understanding of your leadership style as compared to the best leaders in the world.  
  • Drive Results. By the conclusion of the program, you will develop an actionable plan to build your leadership skills and enhance your personal effectiveness.   
  • This course is appropriate for all levels of leaders: everyone from individual contributors to C-suite executives 
  • Professionals who are looking to work better and smarter so they can enjoy their lives and families.  
  • People who have an open mind and are willing to self-reflect and change. 

Program Details

Most of our in-person Achievers™ programs are held at The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC. Our virtual programs are delivered using the Zoom platform.  

Three days (arrive Monday evening) 
Day 1: 8:30a.m.-5:00p.m. EST 
Day 2: 8:30a.m.-6:00p.m. EST 
Day 3: 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m. EST 

Live Virtual 
Five 1/2 days (Monday through Friday) 
9:00am – 1:00pm EST each day 

$6,045 in person with accommodations or $5,350 in person without accommodations or live virtual 

Save by signing up for the Complete Achievers Package. This package starts with our “life-changing” Achievers seminar, followed by personal Action Plan support and culminates with the Achievers II program.


Event Details

Start date: September 17, 2024

End date: September 19, 2024

Venue: The Carolina Inn

Phone: (919) 967-7904