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The application below should be completed if you are looking to license your company to conduct our facilitated seminars. Approved licenses are granted to companies versus individuals. Upon receipt of the licensing application, we will be in contact to set up a phone appointment to discuss next steps.


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    General Information: All seminars required for certification as a licensed facilitator will be held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus. Chapel Hill is approximately 25 minutes from the Raleigh Durham (RDU) International Airport.

    Intellectual Property: We ask that you respect Bell Leadership Institute's copyright. The Bell Leadership training programs, training materials, and marks are owned entirely and copyrighted by Bell Leadership and are made available to licensees only under limited license from Bell Leadership. Licensees shall not make any derivative works whatsoever, unless specific written approval is given by Bell Leadership. Licensees shall not disclose, lend or transfer the Bell Leadership training programs or the training materials to any third party for any purpose. Any unauthorized use of Bell Leadership's training programs, training materials, and marks shall constitute a material breach of the Leadership Training Limited License Agreement.

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