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Coordinator of Programs and Training Services
Bell Leader since 2024
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Taylor Swaim joined Bell Leadership in June 2024 as Coordinator of Programs and Training Services. In this role, she works closely with team members to coordinate off-site training programs. Working alongside the Bell Leadership team, Taylor helps to ensure that our client’s programs are meaningful, memorable, and impactful.

Taylor came to Bell Leadership after graduating from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and a concentration in Public Relations. In her free time, Taylor enjoys reading, playing golf and spending time with her dog.

Fun Facts About Taylor

Any type of pizza or pasta.

I had the good fortune to go to Italy. I was able to visit Florence, Rome, Luca and San Gimignano! I love art history, so it was really fun getting to see the pieces I had learned about in person. 

I would love to go back to the Renaissance era. It would be interesting to see where so much art and knowledge was born.

My favorite card game is UNO. It was my family’s go-to game growing up.

My favorite shows growing up were Jeopardy or America’s Funniest Home Videos. My family would always watch them after dinner.  

"There are no short cuts to mastery." I think that this is such a good reminder to continually grow. There is always something that you can improve on.