Internal Roundtable

A Live Learning Series for teams to learn, develop and grow together.

It would have taken 10 years to build the same depth of relationships that our senior level executives have developed in the past 12 months through our Internal Roundtable with Bell Leadership.

Pat Bauer

President & CEO, Heartland Dental

Bell Leadership’s flexible learning solutions are custom designed to address your organizational leadership challenges. Our Internal Roundtable is a tailored Live learning series for corporate groups where your employees and teams can learn, develop and grow together – wherever they are. Whether in-person or virtually, this is an excellent way to get your team together on a regular basis, build relationships, improve communications and develop your leaders. This Bell facilitator-led program consists of six facilitated meetings throughout the year that will focus on the specific topics and issues your group requires to gain a common understanding, operate cohesively and effectively lead your organization. 

This program is great for newly formed teams, leadership teams working through transformation and change, culture and strategy shifts or organizations that want to engage leaders in multiple locations to work more closely together, build relationships, share best practices and co-create strategies to ensure future success. Bring your team together; lead your future together!

We Build Leaders… Virtually Everywhere!