The Leader’s Job: Learn the Essential Skills of a Leader

I have never been to a seminar that took a concept at the level that Dr Bell did and broke it down from the importance of the subject matter to actual practical and usable ideas you could implement the next day. It was truly an outstanding program that I would recommend to anyone in a management position that wants to make a difference. I am excited to implement these ideas.


Learn the Essential Skills of a Leader

What is a leader’s job?  It is to elevate the performance of those they lead by establishing a positive direction and bringing out the best in their people.  Leaders build commitment.  Managers create duty.  Leaders build the people who build their businesses.  Managers build tasks and systems.  Leaders build themselves and their abilities to lead.  Managers build their jobs and technical skills.

Through his research, consulting, and training with leaders throughout the world, Dr. Gerald D. Bell identified the ten significant roles leaders must master to lead a business successfully.  The Leader’s Job seminar will help you learn how to effectively execute essential skills to produce great results for your organization.

The Leader’s Job Survey is a key component of the seminar. It is an advanced, comprehensive, and confidential assessment tool that identifies the specific leadership behaviors that produce great results for the organization.  It provides you with strategies to build your leadership.  By taking the Survey, you discover how others perceive your current performance.  The results include your:

  • Greatest and least effective leadership skills.
  • Contributions that are most helpful for your organization.
  • Behaviors that you may want to change or reduce.
  • Specific actions you may want to start or focus on.

You will learn how to:

  • Build your leadership style and influence.
  • Lead rather than manage.
  • Set direction to ensure focus, consistency, and execution.
  • Focus on the right things to build your business.
  • Bring out the best in your people.