Achievers™: Become a Great Leader - Build Yourself First

The seminar was a ‘life changer’ for me in both my personal and professional life. I was able to immediately implement the concepts that I learned and act on the feedback I received from the 360-survey. Jerry Bell is a great teacher and motivator and I came away from this seminar dedicated to change my leadership style in all aspects of my life. I can already see the results.


Become a Great Leader – Build Yourself First

Described by graduates as “life changing,” this seminar gives you the tools to build your leadership mastery on a daily basis.

Achievers™ is a powerful seminar designed to help you build world-class personal skills to lead others.  Its concepts and personal development techniques are based on our research and consulting with thousands of the most effective and least effective leaders throughout the world.

Achievers™ allows you to enhance your success and contribution by increasing your effectiveness as an individual and as a leader.  This seminar will provide you with key understandings of why people behave as they do.

Before attending, you will complete the Bell Personality Profile, a comprehensive and confidential 360° online assessment tool designed to evaluate your leadership and management style. The Profile, based on over 40 years of research, will provide you with a significant opportunity to learn more about yourself and how others perceive you. It is advanced, sophisticated, and comprehensive. Your confidential results will be provided to you during the seminar.

You will learn how to:

  • Lead like the best in the world by recognizing the six Achievers™ Core Competencies all great leaders share.
  • Recognize what motivates the six basic personality patterns.
  • Gain the commitment of others by tapping into their motives.
  • Develop the six Achievers™ Core Competencies every leader must have to compete successfully in the 21st century.
  • Re-energize yourself – channeling your drives to create peak performance for a lifetime.

You will gain:

  • The fundamental skills for success that produce great leadership performance.
  • Awareness of the major styles of leadership of the best leaders.
  • An understanding of yourself, the reasons you behave as you do, and the results your behavior patterns have on others.
  • Greater self-confidence.
  • Skill sets to lead yourself, others, your team, and your organization.
  • A step-by-step action plan to develop your critical Achievers™ Core Competencies.