Leadership Coaching

 The most important thing a business can do to become a great company is to put its assets, energy, and time on the most important cause of performance—building great leaders.

Dr. Gerald D. Bell

Founder and CEO, Bell Leadership Institute


As a leadership development company, Bell Leadership understands that participating in a program marks the beginning of one’s journey to achieving significant behavioral change. When clients return home after engaging in one of our programs, the real work begins. Lasting behavioral change requires a daily commitment to the awareness, implementation and evaluation of the action plan you create. Partnering with a qualified Bell Leadership coach equips you with the tools, knowledge and opportunities necessary to attain personal mastery. 

How Coaching Can Help 

Coaching enhances the learning from a Bell Leadership program. Building your skills to become more effective is a continuous process, and a highly-skilled coach can guide you through the stages of this process. A personal coaching session can consist of one or more of the following elements: 

  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of your history, background and survey results to discover your patterns of strength and opportunities for improvement in alignment with your organization’s mission, vision and core values 
  • Identifying the specific skill/s that will bring you the greatest results and return on investment 
  • Brainstorming ways to realistically build your skills and achieve your goals in the context of your unique personality, work and community life 
  • Planning for the actions and supports needed to keep you motivated, hold you accountable and ensure consistent progress towards your goals 
  • Tracking your progress and adjusting your action plan based on the lessons you learn from your “flunkers” and successes 

Diverse Coaching Solutions

Bell Leadership Institute offers a comprehensive suite of coaching services for our clients. We offer both individual and group sessions to answer a variety of our clients’ coaching needs.

Individual Development Sessions

When you attend an open-enrollment program, one of our coaches can work with you to master your leadership skills and improve your effectiveness. Both face-to-face meetings and phone sessions are available. Individual sessions can help:

  • Build Achiever Core Competencies
  • Reduce Extreme Behaviors
  • Improve Performance
  • Master Life Transitions
  • Balance Work and Life

Master Classes

A Master Class is a half or full-day session with a leadership coach designed to address your unique strengths and weaknesses so that you can build onto your current skills, discover new talents and contribute to your organization more effectively. Master Classes focus on:

  • Determining your goals and objectives
  • Action planning
  • Getting motivated
  • Creating a set of critical assignments to implement
  • Reviewing your successes, what did and didn’t work, and uncovering the obstacles that prevented you from reaching your desired goals

The frequency of your follow-up sessions will vary depending upon your goals.

Executive Coaching

Bell Leadership provides Executive Coaching for C-suite and top-level leaders. A coach will guide executives through a process that helps them influence business outcomes. This process includes the following steps:

  • Design Performance Goals
  • Create Execution Plan
  • Build Leadership Skills

A detailed description of each step of the Executive Coaching process can be found here.

To reserve time for your customized coaching session with one of our qualified coaches, please call Bell Leadership at (919) 967–7904. Fees vary based on the type and number of sessions scheduled. Special prices are available if coaching sessions are scheduled in conjunction with an open-enrollment program.