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Learn from our experienced Bell trainers how Achievers fundamentally supports organizational culture.


Regardless of the challenges a company or leader is facing, the most impactful solution often begins with Achievers™.

Achievers is the cornerstone program of Bell Leadership Institute, built upon over 50 years of research into the behaviors of the most effective and least effective leaders worldwide. We provide leaders with not only an understanding of what they do but also why they do it. Through Achievers, individuals cultivate their “Self IQ,” gaining insights into their strengths and areas for improvement. They emerge with a comprehensive plan for personal growth, ultimately transforming into more effective leaders, which positively influences their teams, departments, and the overall business.

The beauty of Achievers lies in its universality. Whether an individual, a leadership team, or thousands of employees from a company engage in the program, it consistently delivers significant, positive impacts.

Notably, when CEOs experience Achievers, the effects ripple profoundly, reshaping their daily responsibilities and enhancing their interactions with colleagues. This, in turn, creates a cascading effect of positive changes. The larger the leadership role, the more profound the resulting impact becomes.

What Makes Achievers Such a Transformational Program?

The Bell Leadership Achiever Model is the cornerstone of the Achievers program. Based on over half a century of research, the model provides a lens through which to view ourselves and others with clarity and deeper understanding. The common language and accessibility of the model allow participants a straightforward path to self-awareness and the motivation to establish more effective behaviors.

All Achievers participants receive their own Bell Personality Profile, which consists of valuable feedback from our proprietary 360-degree assessment tool. Collecting feedback anonymously from a wide array of sources, this assessment provides each individual with a detailed picture of their personality and leadership style. With the guidance of knowledgeable Bell trainers and facilitators, feedback is more easily embraced and interpreted in ways to drive positive change.

EEvery Achievers program is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of its participants. From the layout of the room and seating assignments to the teaching methods and flip charts, each small detail is intentional. Individuals graduate from the program with the highest level of learning retention and an exceptional experience that carries forward into their future leadership.

The Impact of Achievers

Individual Impact

A profoundly impactful experience for every participant, regardless of career stage. Enriching self-awareness, Self IQ and understanding of our impact on others.

How the Impact Grows

The more members of a company, team or division who experience Achievers, its impact grows exponentially. Higher levels of Self IQ and People IQ lead to a culture of professional grace, fostering collaboration and better teamwork, increasing the likelihood of attaining business goals.

Full Achievers Integration

Many clients seamlessly integrate Achievers throughout their organization. Achievers becomes a shared leadership language, nurturing a culture of continuous learning and development of leadership skills. Results in significantly improved communication, enhanced collaboration, engaged and motivated team members, higher employee retention and, ultimately, a positive impact on the bottom line.