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Bell Leader since 2021
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Fun Facts About Elijah

A couple years ago I visited my sister in Boulder, Colorado. It was my first time travelling out West and we had a great week filled with hiking, mountain climbing and amazing views.
Definitely chess, I played with my dad when I was a kid and got back into it when I joined my university’s chess club.
My favorite summer tradition is attending Durham Bulls games. Some of my best memories are going to Bulls games with my parents, trying to catch foul balls while eating nachos and funnel cakes.

I love barbecue! My family is really into barbecue, so much so that we make pulled pork and brisket instead of turkey on Thanksgiving.

I would have to be a falcon. The freedom of being able to fly through the Grand Canyon or coast over the New York City skyline would be incredible.

Everybody’s beliefs are logical to them.” This is a great reminder that people come from a wide range of circumstances and upbringings, and how important it is to be respectful of different viewpoints and perspectives.