What Priority is Selection in Your Organization?

When most senior leaders talk about success factors for their organizations, “people” often makes the top five. Everyone innately understands the importance of people – hiring great people, retaining great people, and building their people. Yet in practice, selection often falls to the wayside in both good and difficult business climates. In our work, companies that master selection build and grow, with exceptional results.

Great selection, though, requires a reframing of thought – thinking about selection as a complete process, with high priority, rather than an afterthought or occasional necessity. To increase your return on your investment in people, consider leveraging the following strategies:

  • Define the work required: The environment surrounding an organization changes constantly – failure to adapt the organization’s work with change causes poor results. The foundation of good selection begins with engaging employees to constantly understand the external environment and define the work required.
  • Define the skills needed: As work changes, so do the skills employees need to complete the work. Understanding the technical ability, as well as the commitment and personality skills required for the work increases the probability that your current employees are in match with their jobs.
  • Constantly realign: As the environment changes, so should the people performing the work. Employees tacitly understand this phenomenon and often informally change the scope of their jobs over time. Formalize the process – give employees the authority and autonomy to shift their work to meet the needs of the company.
  • Promote based on skills required: Promote employees when their skills match the work to be performed. When employees show promise, commit to building their skills so they match the work performed at each level.
  • Hire for the Match: When seeking outside talent, seek a “match” between the candidate and the work and skills. Ensure that current employees have a role in the process and commit to a system that seeks the match above all else.

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