Americans Vote for Change; Dr. Bell Teaches Executives

Chapel Hill, NC — As millions of Americans cast their votes for the executive they believe can best bring change to the country, another group of executives will gather in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to take the matter of change into their own hands. CEO’s, presidents, and senior business directors from across the nation have elected to spend Election Day with Dr. Gerald D. Bell, founder of Bell Leadership Institute and professor at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, who will lead an advanced program on “Leading Change: How to Change People and Organizations.” As the rest of the country votes for change, Dr. Bell will teach them how to lead it.

A respected author and authority on leadership for over 35 years, Dr. Bell has discovered that although people want change, very few have the skills to make it happen. “Building your skills to change people and organizations requires special study and expertise. Without these skills, people miss opportunities to effectively implement change and produce powerful results for their businesses and communities,” Dr. Bell says.

And while it is still unknown if either presidential candidate possesses the skills necessary to lead change, business leaders must always be prepared to lead successfully through ever-present shifts in markets, customers, competitors and political and economic realities. “Mastering change – in your business and in your people – is one thing all organizations must get absolutely right,” John Casella, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Casella Waste Systems, says. “We send our people to Bell Leadership with the great confidence that they will be uniquely equipped with the world-class insight and tools crucial to building themselves and building our company.”

Whether implementing new programs, processes, or behavior patterns in people, leaders have realized the benefits of using Dr. Bell’s systems. Mike Mulchi, Director of Manufacturing & Technical Operations at Inspire Pharmaceuticals, feels that the seminar gave him the tools for success. “I highly recommend this course to company executives working to bring about necessary organizational change,” he says. “This course builds important skills that, when used in the workplace setting, are very effective at helping people embrace, rather than resist, change.”

Josh Mervis, program attendee and CEO and President of Danville Hockey in Danville, Illinois, says that, “Today’s problems require a unique set of skills and answers. When you break it down to the things we can really change in our lives — our families, schools, local communities, and workplaces – we have to realize that we are a nation unified by difference: differences in age, generations, ethnicity, race, and culture. To lead change, you have to be able to articulate a vision and get everyone in the canoe rowing together. Dr. Bell provides you with the skill set to understand differences, bridge the gaps, and build consensus whether with your spouse, friends, or business colleagues.”

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