Virtual Meeting Facilitation

Improve the efficacy and outcome of your virtual meetings with a Bell Leadership facilitator. Our experienced facilitators are available to support your next team meeting, Town Hall or All Hands meeting – virtually. We offer the perfect combination of meeting management infused with interactive, team building activities. Bell Leadership Virtual Meeting Facilitation will provide the virtual environment necessary to bring your team together and create a productive meeting where all participants can contribute. In fact, full participation of all attending individuals, including the executive(s) or team leader(s) is essential for group accountability and a successful plan of action.

Benefits of meeting facilitation:

  • Improves meeting effectiveness and efficiency with a planned schedule of activities and objectives
  • Allows the executive(s) or team leader(s) to participate in the group and be part of the solution/innovation to produce results
  • Provides an objective view of the interaction and team dynamics, along with the tools to enhance teamwork
  • The facilitator can respectfully summarize various inputs, help to identify areas of agreement and items that are yet to be resolved
  • Inspires the team’s accountability as a result of the engaging and highly participatory nature of the meeting

Explore one of our most popular facilitated meeting offerings below.

Virtual Strategic Planning

To survive and thrive in these unprecedented times, it is essential to re-commit to your mission, vision and core values and re-align your strategy to meet whatever comes next. Bell Leadership can help! For many companies now is the perfect time to align your leadership team (wherever they may be working from), set a road map for success, and rally the troops with Bell Leadership’s Virtual Strategic Planning custom solution. Our Bell Leadership trainers can virtually facilitate your leadership team online through an interactive and rapid strategic planning program. By refocusing and recommitting now, you and your team can execute your strategic plan with confidence, having established clarity, consensus and commitment.