Turn Your 2019 Resolutions into Results

Tis the season for hope and optimism as companies, families, and individuals reflect on the previous year and embark on setting their own personal and professional New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps it’s the newness of the unknown, or the clarity that comes from hindsight that creates an enthusiasm to Achieve Forward in the new year. Regardless of where the motivation comes from, we’re hopeful that 2019 will be your best year yet!

How can you ensure that your resolutions make it from goals to results?  We’ve outlined a few tips below to help maximize your 2019 goal setting process within your organization:

  1. Prioritize: Setting goals often entices us to be creative, look in a different direction, or achieve something novel. The challenge is to ensure that goals create revenue, make the organization more competitive, or reflect the urgency of your current business climate. Understanding the priority of your business goals is paramount to successful implementation. With priority also comes the realization that some goals, however enticing, may not make the cut for this year.
  2. Make it Social: Corporate goals suffer when team members don’t support them. We know that people only commit to what they help create. When setting organizational goals, involve as many people as practicable.  Involving your team will create consensus on priorities, and most importantly, solidify what you will NOT do the next year.
  3. Understand the Time Frame: Strategic initiatives often start off strong and lose traction over time. Yet most meaningful goals are achieved through small achievements over an extended time frame. First, understand the goal, and then, set achievable and measurable milestones along the way. A lofty and broad goal, without checkpoints, will suffer the same fate as most New Year’s resolutions.

Wishing you sustained success and a Happy New Year as you kick off 2019 strong!