Bell Leadership Institute Offers Selection, Team Building Training in 2010

Chapel Hill, NC — Bell Leadership Institute is offering two open-enrollment seminars on Selecting Achievers: Hire Smart or Manage Tough, and a seminar on Teambuilding: Leading Teams to Peak Performance, in Chapel Hill, NC, in 2010.

Selecting the right people and team building are two of the keys to building a world-class business.  Just ask the NFL.  This month, with free agency in full swing, teams are busy making roster changes while at the same time investing millions in evaluating prospects for the 2010 NFL Draft.  Then teams will hold mini-camps for their new recruits, followed by additional off-season team activities before training camps begin in July.  Business leaders would do well to take notice.

“Sports teams appreciate the importance of both selecting the right people and team building more than most businesses do,” says Dr. Gerald D. Bell, founder and CEO of Bell Leadership Institute.  Dr. Bell, a professor at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, has over 40 years’ experience working with not only top business leaders but also with leading sports coaches such as legendary UNC basketball coach Dean Smith. (Dr. Bell and Coach Smith co-authored the New York Times best-seller, The Carolina Way.)

“Coaches understand that leading becomes easier with great people, so they make selection a priority, investing the time and resources to gain top talent that fits the team. One ineffective recruit can set the team back for a whole season.”  In the business world, the costs of one hiring mistake can be just as staggering – up to several times the person’s annual salary, not to mention the negative effects on team’s morale and motivation.

On May 11-12, in Chapel Hill, NC, Dr. Bell will lead his next Selecting Achieversseminar, teaching business leaders how to recruit, retain, and develop top talent while moving or de-selecting individuals who are no longer a good fit for their job. Selecting Achievers draws on Dr. Bell’s years of research and experience working with top leaders internationally to build their businesses through world-class selection practices.

Leaders who have attended Selecting Achievers in the past list several key benefits of the seminar:

  • “I’ve been in Human Resources for over 10 years and the Selecting Achievers course has changed my guidelines on recruiting, performance reviews, and job descriptions.  I truly feel I can now select better candidates and help both the company and individuals meet our goal,” stated Chad Thompson of Heartland Dental.
  • “Selecting Achievers is good ammunition for corporate leaders to increase the priority and importance of talent selection in their organizations,” said Mark Quinnelly, executive recruiter for Niagara Water.

In just a few weeks, 40 million viewers are expected to tune in to the 2010 NFL Draft to see who will be the top picks.  Fans whose teams have invested wisely in the selection process can look forward to a winning season.  Likewise, business leaders who spend the time and resources on picking the right people for their companies can look forward to a profitable year.