Strengthen Relationships by Confronting Problems More Effectively

Conflicts are a part of our daily lives. A colleague may say something in a meeting that isn’t aligned with your thinking. Your significant other may want to schedule a dinner with friends when you’d prefer to go to the gym. And, with the holidays around the corner, most of us have encountered a family member who insists on visiting for an extra few days beyond what was originally planned.

In each of these instances, you have a choice to engage in more dialogue or not. Often, we shy away from engaging because we don’t feel we have the skills to navigate the conversation well and emotions are typically involved – making it even harder to approach the situation effectively.

Confronting problems takes practice, and when done well, can lead to strengthening a relationship rather than hurting one. Think back to your best leader and how they gave feedback. She was likely honest, considerate, direct, positive, caring and had a plan for your improvement. Her thoughtful communication likely cultivated a mutual respect and trust.

Leaders who confront problems well maintain a significant advantage in building teams and getting the most out of their people. In Advanced Communication, you’ll learn to listen more intently, deliver your message more clearly, and understand how you personally affect the conversation and the listener. You’ll then apply those skills using a framework for confronting problems to increase your confidence and effectiveness in having difficult conversations.

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