“Through this process I have received extensive feedback on my strengths and weaknesses from others who are willing to honestly share that input about how they view me, my actions, and my management style in order to help me improve. I recently embarked on a personal improvement process focusing on the key areas of weaknesses that have been identified through the survey that we’ve taken.”

Ralph Hockman
Vice President and General Manager
Tate Access Floors, Inc.



No one is perfect. We all have strengths; we all have weaknesses.

Our strengths help to contribute to our greatest successes and happinesses and our ability to contribute. Oftentimes we hear people suggesting we focus solely on our strengths. While our strengths are really important and something we want to know and use, it’s also important to know what our weaknesses are. It’s our weaknesses that end up causing us the most pain and difficulty personally and professionally. We need to know what they are so we can plan around them, get help with them and have others shore up those areas. Ultimately, we want to build our strengths and reduce our weaknesses.

Our Strengths and Weaknesses Survey is a confidential, 360-degree feedback tool that helps identify your main strengths and weaknesses. It provides personal and practical insights to how to improve your leadership and management style. The survey is distributed and compiled anonymously through our online survey system. While the survey can be used as a standalone assessment tool, our clients often find it helpful to take the survey in conjunction with one of our coaching packages. Our coaching is in-depth, personalized, experiential and impactful. Through interactive and individualized virtual sessions, you will discover powerful tools to use to improve your leadership, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and build a plan to increase your effectiveness.

Our coaches serve as both counselors and confidants to our clients. These sessions can be done in person, over the phone, and on-line through virtual meetings with one of our Bell Leaders.


Strength & Weakness Survey

Survey with 1-Session Coaching Package

Survey with 3-Session Coaching Package