Share Your Achiever or Flunker Story with Dr. Bell

It’s time to ring in the New Year!  Do you have a memorable Achiever or Flunker story you’d like to share with Dr. Bell?  Please email it to us.  Winning story will receive a copy of The Carolina Way.

bell /bel/ From PIE base *bhel- “to sound, roar.” Bellhop is a 1910 shortening of bellhopper(1900), from the notion of hopping to action at the ring of the bell. Bell-boy was
originally (1851) a ship’s bell-ringer, later (1861) a hotel page. Bell-weather (c.1440) was “the leading sheep of a flock, on whose neck a bell is hung;” used earlier in the
g. sense of “chief, leader” (c.1430).