Advanced Time Management & Personal Productivity:
Work Smart, Live Smart

This seminar ended up being scheduled at one of my busiest times and I attended thinking, ‘How am I going to take time away from business?’ It was just what I needed! A mental vacation, a time to move out of my ‘professional’ box and live in my ‘personal’ box for a change! I learned that it is not only important to lead your employees by professional example but personal as well. If you have a balanced life and fun, you are setting the same tone for your team as well.


Work Smart, Live Smart

We accumulate our own particular systems of managing time and ourselves, resulting from our own unique personality patterns, life histories, and work situations.  However, few people ever study advanced methods and techniques to help them leverage performance significantly.

The significance of time management problems – the lack of time and the need for more of it – never goes away.  The higher your job, the greater the need for effective time management skills.

In the Advanced Time Management & Personal Productivity seminar, we will present techniques for optimizing your personal and professional performance.

You will learn how to:

  • Raise your level of effectiveness and performance.
  • Increase your profits using a few simple advanced time management techniques.
  • Bring greater clarity, focus and purpose into your life every day.
  • Create a life plan that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Manage stress to prevent and address burnout.
  • Solve complex problems.

Bell Recommendation:

Our clients feel that this is the perfect program to attend with a spouse/partner.  This session is a great investment in your life together and your family’s future.  Spouses attending together will receive 50% off one person’s tuition.