“This is a magnificent program which I would highly recommend to anyone who hires employees.  I used the skills learned from this program the first time I attended several years ago, and we hired some great achievers who are A players, and a perfect fit. They continue to work with our company and be successful. All of the information covered in this program is excellent.”
Kathy Trusch, Vice President, Human Resources
Boddie-Noell Enterprises

Would you rather profit from a great selection or pay the cost of a bad hire?

Selecting great people is one of the most important actions leaders take to create successful and growing organizations. Talent acquisition is more than finding people with the right technical skills and experience for the job. Leaders must find people that use their skills to work smart, have the commitment to work hard, and demonstrate the personality skills to work together as a team.
Selecting Achievers™ offers a proven, powerful framework for attracting, developing, and retaining great people.

Click below to watch Jon Player share a glimpse into Selecting Achievers and the importance of the hiring interview.

During this program, you have the opportunity to observe a live interview with one of our Bell leaders and an interview candidate. Past participants have told us this is one of the most valuable aspects of the program:
“The idea to bring [a candidate] in and do an interview was brilliant. This exercise solidified the learning and allowed us to take away something we can apply immediately.”