Selecting Achievers: Hire Smart to Build a Great Company

Companies and executives routinely declare that people are the single most important asset of an organization, yet selection practices often fall short in attracting and retaining top talent. The costs of poor selection can be extreme and extend far beyond the hard costs. Selecting great people is one of the most important actions leaders take to create successful and growing organizations. Selecting Achievers™ offers a proven, powerful framework for attracting, developing, and retaining great people. You will learn a suite of techniques and concepts to evaluate candidates and find successful and productive members for your team. Additionally, you will acquire strategies for evaluating your current team for promotion, demotion, reconfiguration and, when necessary, deselection.



Here’s What Companies are Saying:


“This is a magnificent program which I would highly recommend to anyone who hires employees. I used the skills learned from this program the first time I attended several years ago, and we hired some great achievers who are A players, and a perfect fit. They continue to work with our company and be successful. All of the information covered in this program is excellent.” Kathy Trusch, Vice President Human Resources Boddie-Noel

“The seminar was very effective at helping leaders understand their key role in driving and owning the selection process. I would strongly recommend that leadership teams attend together especially if selection has not been a corporate priority in the past. Dr. Bell does an excellent job of positioning selection as a top priority both in and outside of work! ” Amy Bastuga, Vice President, Human Resources Radio Flyer, Inc.