San Felipe Del Rio Welcomes Dr. Bell in Leading Achievers™ with School District Administrators

Dr. Gerald Bell led a three-day Achievers™ program for several principals and administrators from the San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District at Texas Community Bank in Del Rio, Texas. 

Dr. Bell received several “10” ratings for his engaging speaking ability and the effectiveness of the program content and materials. Participants noted their appreciation for the time to learn about themselves, to develop teamwork amongst colleagues and to understand the implications of their survey results from the Bell Personality Profile. Brian Westlake remarked, “I have the utmost respect for Dr. Bell and am glad that I had the opportunity to attend these sessions.” Dr. Bell has a long-standing commitment to developing the leadership abilities of educators in his local community and beyond. 

San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District (SFDR-CISD) serves the city of Del Rio and unincorporated portions of Val Verde County. Residents of Laughlin Air Force Base are zoned to SFDR-CISD schools. It is the vision of SFDR-CISD to provide a safe and nurturing environment where all students become contributing citizens prepared to compete in an ever-changing world.  

The Superintendent of SFDR-CISD, Dr. Carlos Rios, learned of Bell Leadership Institute after attending the first regional Achievers™ program in Chicago last year. This year, Bell Leadership is offering two regional locations of the Achievers™ program, including Dallas and Chicago. Please visit Bell Leadership Mastery Series 2018 for a full listing of programs. 

Dr. Bell’s work has been used by an astounding 500,000 leaders in more than 5,000 organizations and in over 50 countries. Over the years, thousands have enrolled in Dr. Bell’s Open Programs or sought his services for Custom Programs, Master Classes and Executive Retreats. For additional information on how Dr. Bell can best work with your team, please e-mail Amy Hagen or contact her via phone at (919) 967-7904.