Bell Leadership Responds to Recession by Expanding Services to Clients

Chapel Hill, NC — In an economy experiencing a recession and rising unemployment, Bell Leadership Institute is expanding its services to help its clients better handle the repercussions. While many businesses are focused on cutting costs, the pressure to increase the effectiveness of all employees has lead to an increased demand for Bell Leadership’s programs and services.

“What we’re hearing from clients is that now, more than ever, it is critical that employees are functioning at their peak effectiveness,” says Dr. Gerald D. Bell, Bell Leadership’s founder and CEO. “The challenge they face is what to do when leadership and talent development are more important than ever, but the dollars are not there to invest in sending individuals for outside training. They need more convenient, cost-effective solutions that can directly impact people throughout their organizations.”

Now, with economic uncertainty and rising costs and difficulty of travel, Bell Leadership is seeing more clients choosing to train internally using its licensed material, or having Bell’s trainers come to their sites, while still sending their most senior leaders and high potential employees to Bell’s seminars in Chapel Hill. “At the same time, more clients are asking for help installing our leadership systems and approaches to crucial areas such as hiring, promotion, and de-selection, for example, throughout their organization” adds Bell. “Effective leaders realize that the slowing economy is an opportunity for their companies to develop their people and build a solid foundation for the next economic upturn.”

Bell Leadership began licensing companies to train its flagship seminar, Advanced Achievement Leadership I, internally in 2004. Since then, Bell Leadership has licensed over 20 companies and certified over 35 trainers who have, in turn, trained over 1500 company employees. In the last three years, Bell has also added two additional coaches and trainers, Dr. Dana Lebo and Bill Sanford.

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Bell Leadership Institute is a recognized leader in executive education and development. Since 1972, Bell Leadership has helped organizations develop leadership mastery through its programs and services. Its training programs have been used by more than 500,000 leaders in more than 4,700 organizations in over 30 countries.

SOURCE Bell Leadership Institute