PT Solutions Debuts Facilitated Seminars with Support from Dr. Gulledge

John Provost, the Director of Administrative Operations at PT Solutions delivered the company’s first facilitated seminar after completing certification this year. The video-supported curriculum allows companies to certify in-house facilitators to deliver seminars from the Leadership Mastery Series. Currently Achievers, Great Leaders, Advanced Communication, and coming this fall, Change Leadership are available to be licensed. Bell Leadership Institute Trainer Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge supported John and PT Solutions as they rolled out their first Achievers seminar to company leaders.

The 20 seminar participants consisted of Clinic Directors and Senior Administrators throughout the company, and all gathered at the Headquarters in Kennesaw, Georgia for the three-day seminar. PT Solutions CEO, Dale Yake expressed his support for the program to the attendees by stressing the impact Bell Leadership training has had in the development of his own leadership skills.

One of the course participants, Courtney Moormann, PT Solutions’ Marketing & Communications Manager reflected, “The Achievers I course through the Bell Leadership Institute was a truly powerful experience. Throughout the 3 days, I began to understand better how I am perceived by others and I’m excited to begin the journey to develop the skills to become a more effective employee and a contributing leader at PT Solutions Physical Therapy.”

Founded and owned by Physical Therapists, PT Solutions brings research-driven treatments to patients who need physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and athletic training. Always with a focus on providing relief from pain and restoring wellness.

To learn more about the Licensed Program options for your company, please contact Natalie Reder at (919) 967-7904 for more information. Dr. Gulledge is available to deliver On-Site Programs from the Leadership Mastery Series and Keynote Presentations on many leadership topics for your company. Please contact Amy Hagen at (919) 967-7904 for scheduling and fees.

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