Bell Leadership Launches Newly Updated Bell Personality Profile

Chapel Hill, NC — Bell Leadership Institute (, a recognized leader in executive training and leadership development, has released the fully updated and expanded Bell Personality Profile, a sophisticated 360° leadership assessment built on over 40 years of rigorous research and statistical data analysis.

The Bell Personality Profile is an advanced, comprehensive, and confidential assessment tool that identifies leaders’ top strengths and weaknesses and the specific behaviors that produce great results or undesirable consequences in their personal and professional lives.  Over 100,000 managers and executives have had the opportunity to measure their leadership effectiveness in key dimensions including:

  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Delegation
  • Goal setting
  • Response to mistakes
  • Response to stress

“We believe strongly in the pursuit of mastery and we are absolutely devoted to the mission of building world class leaders,” said Dr. Gerald D. Bell, founder and CEO of Bell Leadership Institute.  “While the Profile has been used extensively by thousands of companies for over 25 years, the survey has now been refined to provide leaders with even more practical, insightful feedback that they can put to use right away.”

The Bell Personality Profile, a key component of Dr. Bell’s highly acclaimed Advanced Achievement Leadership I seminar, provides individuals with strategies to improve their management and leadership styles.   The nearly unanimous feedback from leaders who have taken the Bell Personality Profile is that it is one of the most profitable things they have ever done.  One of the challenges of a great leader is to know himself extremely well.  The Profile’s practical, results-oriented feedback is the key to building leadership mastery, increasing professional and personal success and improving a company’s profitability.

“The single most important thing you can do in your life is to build yourself first to a mastery level.  The key to building yourself is first to know yourself,” said Dr. Bell. “This Profile tells leaders where they stand and what they can do to be even more successful and productive, while helping them make positive and meaningful contributions to their companies, families, and communities.”

To learn more about the Bell Personality Profile, please contact Bell Leadership Institute at 919.967.7904, or visit the company’s website at