Mission Accomplished! Literally

“When I attended my first Bell Leadership Institute seminar, my twin daughters were three years old. I look at them now, as 21-year-old college seniors, and marvel at the strong, independent, determined and kind people they have become. That didn’t just happen, it took some work. 

Without the lessons I learned from Dr. Gerald Bell, I can confidently say that neither I, my wife, nor my children would be who we are today. That may sound like hyperbole. I mean, after all, we’re just talking about a leadership seminar, right? What could I possibly have learned that was THAT important? 

I learned that to be the kind of leader I wanted to be, I had to get to know and work on myself. I learned how to become the husband, father, son, and brother my family deserved. I learned some crucial truths about myself. 

I remember the difficult night in the Carolina Inn when I read the feedback forms that delivered those crucial truths. I thank my colleagues, family and friends who cared enough about me to give me the “unvarnished” truth about who I was and how I was behaving. Strong medicine, but I will be eternally grateful.

More than any other personal development method or training I had received previously, The Bell Leadership program provided a framework, a vocabulary, and a process that I have relied on every day since. It has become a source of guidance for virtually every relationship I have developed and every leadership challenge I have faced since. It has been an invaluable guide for my wife and I as we have strived to be the best parents to our girls and the best partners to each other.

 When someone says, “Wow, that was life-changing!”, believe them. My life and the lives of my wife and daughters are testament to the power of truly understanding who you are, what motivates you and how you can build a better, more present, and complete “you” through this program.”

– Mark Vance


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