MacAllister Machinery Brings Bell Leadership’s Achievers Program In-house

Bell Leadership Institute applauds Kyle Metcalfe for facilitating his fourth Achievers program in just one year of becoming an official Certified Facilitator for MacAllister Machinery of Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Kyle received extremely positive reviews for each of the programs he led. As one colleague remarked, “Kyle is an excellent facilitator for this program. He is very knowledgeable of the content and truly believes in the program. Kyle answers all questions with ease. A+ for Kyle.” Several participants noted Kyle’s helpful guidance, as one explained, “He would stay over and help you with any questions you might have and work with you to set great goals for yourself.” 

Bell Leadership trainer Bill Sanford was in attendance for Kyle’s fourth Achievers, providing additional support to both Kyle and the participants throughout the three-day program. Bill’s sentiments echoed those of Kyle’s colleagues. “Kyle is clearly very comfortable with the material, and is an integral part of growing the Achiever culture at MacAllister. Congratulations, Kyle!”  

Bell Leadership has worked with MacAllister Machinery since 2004, helping to infuse a culture of leadership and Achieving Forward throughout the company. MacAllister is Indiana’s leading heavy equipment supplier and owns Michigan CAT, with several locations across both states. The company prides itself on backing top-quality equipment with top-quality support. 

Bell Leadership can provide cost-effective licensed program offerings to meet the training and development needs of your company. Bell programs currently available for licensing are Achievers, Great Leaders, Advanced Communication, and Change Leadership. To learn more and to discuss licensing your company, please contact Natalie Reder at (919) 967-7904.