The year that I made my biggest, most significant, and most positive changes as a leader was the year I consistently did the daily practices Dr. Bell suggests. They really work.

Achievers Forum

Reinforce Achievers Concepts Through a Practical 12-Month System for Developing Achievers Mastery

Bell Leadership Institute has developed the Achievers Forum — a systematic, practical way to build yourself, your people, and your company by creating Achievers leaders and an Achievers culture.

Through the Achievers Forum, you and your associates will learn and reinforce the Achievers concepts and skills at a deeper, lasting, and more effective level. Moreover, you will apply them to your work and your life in ways that deliver real results. You will increase not only your knowledge, but also your skill in applying what you have learned. This is the way to mastery.

Your Bell Personality Profile provided your roadmap to change. To help you maintain your motivation and focus, we have developed proven methods for mastering the change process and building your skills as you use what you have learned. The Achievers Forum will help you apply best practices in management, leadership, and personal effectiveness so knowledge is applied and sustained — resulting in a great company, increased profit, and improved contributions.

The Achievers Forum includes:

  • 12 monthly small-group meetings of approximately 2 hours each.
  • A Bell Leadership curriculum to guide you in deepening your knowledge and skills each month.
  • Tools for expanding your learning and tracking your progress, such as the Achievers Scorecard.
  • Access to online video clips of Dr. Bell reviewing key concepts.
  • Easy-to-use administrative tools to streamline logistics, communication, and access to materials.

Here’s how it works:

Members join with a small group of their fellow Achievers graduates to meet once a month for one year. The curriculum for your meetings is available online and includes video clips from Dr. Bell, program materials, and the use of an Achievers Scorecard. Each meeting should last approximately two hours and gives members the opportunity to:

  • Learn more deeply the Achievement Leadership concepts and techniques.
  • Analyze and discuss the major Achievers principles and how you can put them into practice.
  • Support each Achievers Forum member in implementing specific action steps to develop their leadership skills by building their Core Competencies and reducing their Extreme Personality Patterns.


In Achievers, you learned the Four Laws of Leadership. You learned what the world’s best leaders do, what the worst ones do, and what you tend to do. You even learned practical methods for becoming an Achiever, methods used by the best leaders in the world.


For more information on how to start or join an Achievers Forum, please email Natalie Reder or call her at (919) 967-7904.