STEP 1:  Apply

To bring our video-supported facilitated seminars to your company, begin by completing an application. To do so, please call us at (919) 967-7904, email Davis, or fill out the online application. We will discuss the specifics of the facilitated seminars and determine if this is a good solution for your company.

STEP 2:  License Your Company and Get Certified

Upon application approval, the process for company licensing and facilitator certification can begin. We will work with you at every stage of the process, starting with which courses from our Leadership Mastery Series™ to pursue certification for, selecting the best facilitators to certify, and a timeline for course completion. Once the licensing agreements are finalized and facilitators have met the minimum course requirements, they are qualified to host seminars in-house.

STEP 3:  Continue Your Certification

Your licensed facilitators can now conduct the seminars and begin developing leaders in the organization. Facilitators will continue building themselves through the maintenance of their certification, adding greater value to your people and business through their continued skill-building and development. There is also the opportunity to certify your facilitators for additional Leadership Mastery Series™ seminars offerings to continue the development of company leaders.