Episode 1:  Susan Gravely, VIETRI

I never doubted we could do it!
How VIETRI CEO, Susan Gravely, and her team navigated the Covid crisis

Reflecting on her time spent with family and friends eating together, setting a table, and listening to different takes on life, VIETRI CEO and Co-Founder, Susan Gravely, shares that “the food was always the same, but the plates were always different. This year, marks 37 years of VIETRI’s handcrafted Italian designs bringing joy to homes near and far.   

In this episode, Susan details how she and the Vietri team navigated the Covid-crisis this past Spring and led the company to what will be its highest year of net profits to-date. While a willingness to change and learn, strong relationships with people, and communication are at the heart of what Susan shares, we hope that upon listening, you’ll identify three key lessons/principals of leadership that you can capture and put into action in your own lives and your own organizations