Episode 2:  Robert Pasin, Radio Flyer

Everyone just went into execution mode!
How Radio Flyer CWO, Robert Pasin, and his team navigated the Covid crisis

Named after two of the highest tech inventions of the early 1900s, the iconic Radio Flyer wagon, has stood the test of time. Radio Flyer’s Chief Wagon Officer, Robert Pasin, jokes that if the wagon had been named today, it might be known as the “Quantum A.I. Dronester.”

In episode two of our Leadership Learning Series: Extraordinary Achievers, Extraordinary Times, Robert reflects on his early years leading the company and lessons learned from a recent six-month sabbatical. While a strong team culture paired with a consistent framework and process for analyzing changes in the external environment paved the way for Radio Flyer to navigate the Covid crisis, we hope you’ll identify other key ingredients to their success that you can apply to how you lead in your own organization.