Episode 5:  Dr. Rick Workman, Heartland Dental

It is your team that builds your business. Reward them and cheer them on.”
Dr. Rick Workman, Founder & Executive Chairman of Heartland Dental shares his experience leading during the Covid-19 crisis.

Harnessing a true entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Rick Workman had the courage to envision a different way for him and others to practice dentistry. As Founder and Executive Chairman of Heartland Dental, Dr. Workman has grown his initial two practices into the nation’s largest dental support organization. 

In episode five of our Leadership Learning Series: Extraordinary Achievers, Extraordinary Times, Dr. Workman recalls life growing up on a farm in downstate Illinois and more recently how he and his team responded when “the world changed.” Having spent years laying the ground work to unify and align the company, Dr. Workman notes that the team was able to yield the returns as they navigated the challenges of this past year. We hope while you listen and watch you’ll identify five main learnings – five actions you can take and put into practice in your own lives.